When you turn from general optimization topics to specific jobs, you are wondering – what more SEO specialists are doing? We uncover a small part of this on the example of SEO services for law firms. It is necessary to know and follow the novelties and trends of optimization. Professionals, however, know very well that the job is just starting out and that it is necessary to know the market of the client for which SEO is very familiar.

For example, lawyers’ offices are suggested to be compulsorily present on the Internet, bearing in mind the ways in which people are seeking legal assistance and representation today. Asked what they do first when they want to find a lawyer, about half of the respondents ask friends or lawyers they already know for advice. One-third of them will seek online ads, mostly Google, Bing or Yahoo searches, followed by other sites on the Internet and social networks.

How to stay relevant

SEORespondents state that the most important to them are recommendations for lawyers, that is, the experiences of others and of course the proximity of the law office to the place they live in, and only then the impression left on them by the law office website.

It is customary for the search to be done in combination with the city and/or with the specialty of the law office. It is obligatory to keep in mind the following – those who have come to their lawyer, doctors, dentists … after the recommendation of a friend, will want to hear what others think of him. Today with the Internet, with modern devices and search engines, it is simple, fast and free. Internet marketing and SEO agencies are there to materialize the online presence step by step.